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How big dildo Ass Up

When you push a big dildo in ass , it will potrajatipuno cunning and meandering track time than it takes throat . See the picture below . Just a few inches in the ass ( 1 ) , it will bitioštra bends to the left ( 2 ) , and then back up ( 3 ) in your colon on the left side of ( 4 ) your body , then it will be back ( 5 ) and running horizontally just below the ribs ( 6 ) castle , and finally , we turn again ( 7 ) and run along the right side of ( 8 ) your body before coming to a stop at the exit of the small intestine ( 9 ) .

What a winding road ! This means that we must be very careful . Here 's how to do it .

First of all , dildo exceed hose ! The small intestine and appendix placed at the end of the large intestine , and ramming anything is asking for trouble . Unlike many books , you can feel when a dildo ... If you follow the instructions on the Web site . Only careful experimentation will rećiduljina dildo is safe for you . As a point of reference , I am 5'9 "tall , and my 36 - inch dildo is perfect for me . Footage Your can vary . Medical books say that the colon is up to 5 meters , you will be given a full first man show My five meters dildo disappear ass !

Secondly , it is important to have a deep , deep , deep , deep enema . There should not be any crap anywhere in the colon . I'm not talking here about the enema bottles , hoses speak . Some of my friends and creative approach to provide each other enemas , but I think it 's a question of personal hygiene and just do it yourself . If you have no idea how it works , here's what I did . After spending about John and forcing all the crap that can manage , get in the shower and turn the water on a gentle stream at room temperature . Then I turn the handle , which directs water from my hose enema , who did the massage handheld shower massage cut off and throw it in the trash ! And very gently and slowly squirt water into my ass , I announce , and then rinsed the drain tube . Then I did it again , a little water , a little more , never causes any pain , and still manage to pronaćimalo more crap out of each fill / empty cycle . You'll notice some of the " action " ( like deep throat stage ) as you go , because there are sphincters in the gut as well. Just be patient , and as you get more and more are cleared from the body directly to allow more water to get in , because the sphincter and is designed to keep it tight in the back , and a drink . Eventually you will be able to squirt a gallon or so has the right without any discomfort at all , and it will fill the entire length of the colon .

A common mistake people make the same mistake many people make when brushing your teeth : they think that a few minutes of work will be enough . Deep enema takes time . Consuming. You can not hurry . Go slow and easy!

There are two ways to ensure that you have enough clean , and I always do both , just to be safe. First, see if you can feel the water in the colon on the right side of the body . For example , the media quickly by hand and see if you can do it slosh around in there . If not , then you still need to do more to fill / empty cycle . I would keep the water at the time of the dance effort " twist " at the moment , not just because it's really a great job of grinding on the water in the gut and clean the pipe cleaner, but also because I'm totally off the feeling of water spilling around there . Second, go ahead and try to sink a well lubed huge dildo in ass . If it meets resistance , or be with her any crap , you are nowhere near it so clean . It may take practice to get the process down , but you will see just good to know when you're done .

Much of the literature states that there are no nerve endings in your gut , it's hard to know what's going on up there , and it is easy to damage , but I do not know and bleeding and all sorts of other horrible things . Listen , people like you clean the inside , it's easy to know what is happening there. Just put your hand inside , and you can feel it ! You can feel the dildo as it goes , and if you're thin enough , you can even see a dildo - bulge action! ( One of my friends gets off just watching the movement of the vibrator in me . " It jestranac !" He says . Uh, I'm happy for him . Feeling like I'm the only one ) .

Finally , it is very important that you use a lot of lubrication . You have more options in tubes deep throat , because I just feel so , no taste or smell . However , I prefer heavy mineral oil because it stays smooth and lasts for hours and works great and , hey , it was intended for use in the intestines , of course ! Only dababy oil and slide in the ass . You have to suck in your stomach a little bit to get back a few sphincter , but not a problem , because it feels really cool to suck something on your ass ! If you use enough lube , you can even clip it out of your ass and not worrying about their rent intestine . ( No lubricant available , and / or if the bilosranja , which wrapped up in a hospital or mochwari , so be careful ! ) And you do not have to worry about going in , but also , far and throat , you can easily remove the dildo ass big.

If I have an unbooked night , I really get into it . After rinsing am completely clean in the shower , squirt half a bottle of mineral oil in the ass and then slowly filling guts about half water play bump and grind to mix oil and water and distribute it evenly on my belly . Then , with a large dildo in her hand , holding water and oil in me and out of the shower and went to my room and the weight of my rope in my inversion boots and turn it upside down , hanging by my feet . And then slowly , slowly push a large dildo up his ass , and I feel that glide through the water and oil , which has expired , and the murmur of the dildo . I feel it with my other hand , even going to listen ! I think it's so much fun that the last few inches sticking out , and then slide the belly and feel the dildo sucked all the way in!

Unfortunately , the intestines are full of bacteria that are just there . They can do quite ill if swallowed . That is the smell of shit and ... shitty . That way jeprirodni warns us not to eat ! So do not pull the dildo out of your ass , and then put it in your mouth ! Pray for hepatitis or worse .

Having said that , I must admit that I often organize just that , kaostranka hosted earlier request . In doing so, I clean the insides out so completely that any molecule or microbe is nothing ( hopefully) . Then when he pulled the huge dildo up his ass , it would be clean and safe for deep throat ( hopefully) . It 's a gamble that I would recommend to anyone else. But I did more than a hundred times before , and never caught so much as a cough from it . If you try this trick , and you get sick , do not say I did not warn you![img]

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