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Underneath the Mattress Vices

So you want to add a little oomph to your sex play? Tired of the same ole, same ole? How about investing in a cracking Ultimate Under The Bed Restraint? They dont cost much. That little bit of money you spend could be just what you need to give your love life the boost it needs. Give yourself enough give in the ankle and wrist restraints to allow your partner (or slave) to lie on the bed face-up or face-down. Try tionship thrives or dies.

Spirituality Whether praying to Allah or dear olJC, it may not matter who you are worshiping? to (sometimes it does and those issues take more finesse to deal with ala Im a Jew and shes not so my family dislikes her). Those situations take more work to stream line into your chemistry quotient. Thats why it helps to know where your relationship tender spots are, so they can be worked on in the bright light of the day not in the dark corners of your psyche.

Financial Some people dont put an emphasis on the value of money while others are obsessed? by what they or their partner make and how it is spent. And yes, at times you can have two people diametrically opposed when it comes to the dollar signs in their household. Too much or too little money may be the issues but may go deeper into self worth issues.

Are you with your intellectual equal? If not, perhaps you dont value intellectual connection as others do. Or perhaps it simply works in your relationship to have someone who is more intellectually dynamic than the other. This can be a touchy subject obviously because it forces all to look at not only what we bring to the relationship table but how it works (or doesnt) in our relationship. Ive seen plenty of couple do well when each person focuses on their individual intellectual strengths.

Do you both have the travel bug? Is one of you super into triathlon training, while the other would rather stay home with a good book? Lifestyle desires can be a make it or break it issue in a long term relationship. Sometimes lots of compromise is required, other times it is the straw that breaks the camels back especially when it comes to having kids.Sexuality I like to think of the sexuality quotient .

But worth it - marshmallows, even ice creams are good to get you in the mood. Smothered all over both bodies but remember to wash the sheets afterwards.".

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