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Only a licensed Sex Shop can sell R18 films

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My blog stocks the most comprehensive range of Doc Johnson sex toys in the UK. Doc Johnson has been producing innovative sex toys and novelties since 1976 and continues to develop new and exciting products to find ways of bringing sexual pleasure to thousands of men and women.

This week on Sex Toys TV, my blog presenter Annabelle Knight introduces Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Glass Butt Plugs and Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Swell Glass Dildo- two welcome. naughtiest bits! Here at Sh! HQ where we run the Mail-Order side of the business, were not able to send out R18 DVDs through the post, since its actually illegal in this country (though many websites do it anyway)So what about in the shop?

Only a licensed Sex Shop can sell R18 films, and weve chosen not to get a license at our Hoxton Store at the moment. Not because the fee is pretty heavy wed happily pay it to be able to supply our customers with what they like but because wed also have to change our door policy.

Licensed Sex Shops cant allow anyone under the age of 18 onto their premises, which would mean banning mums with tots from the premises. One of the things we really want to do at Sh! is keep it accessible for all women and were not gonig to ban ladiez with youngsters. We reckon its up to mums to decide if the non-graphic, non-scary, very pink atmosphere of Sh! is OK for their baby or toddler, which is why we havent got the Sex Shop License, which would take that decision out of of, or she may be experiencing some new physical problem herself. Maybe she&rsquo;s harbouring some unresolved resentment about something, which would be bound to affect her feelings towards you.

(Anger is one of the biggest desire dampeners.)Explain how the situation is getting you down, because you still love and fancy her &ndash; and that you want her to enjoy, rather than endure, making love with you again. Maybe she&rsquo;s moved on from wanting some of the more adventurous stuff you used to do together, but invite her to tell you what would appeal and be more likely to turn her on now. Hopefully, with your support, more rest and possibly a change of Pill, she won&rsquo;t be broke for much longer.Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life with best sex toys. The Greatest Guide to Sexexplores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment..

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because much of my writing revolves around sex and sexuality

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My blog's Hannah and Annabelle made their TV debut on the Vanessa show this week, showing everyone (including Boyzone) how to do it the Vajazzling way! Using the Vajazzle Individual Crystals, Hannah Vajazzled 'I Heart Vanessa Show' on Sex Toys TV's Annabelle Knight's midriff, showing host Vanessa just how easy it is to add a little glitz to your int.

insecure, or unloved, or have some other agenda.It was Oscar Wilde who said that there are two tragedies in life. The first is not getting what you want, the second is getting it. For me, the best sex scenes are when a character thinks they’re getting what they want, only to find that they’re not.***If youd like to see Paul read from his new novel The Gay Divorcee then come along to Sh! this Thursday where he will be joining Rebecca Chance and Stella Duffy for a Sexy Summer Book Reading.Tickets are £3 and include cupcakes and lashings of pink bubbly.Email us at to book yourself a space!! Normal 0

MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */table.MsoNormalTable{mso-style-name:"Table Normal";mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0;mso-tstyle-colband-size:0;mso-style-noshow:yes;mso-style-parent:"";mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;mso-para-margin:0cm;mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt;mso-pagination:widow-orphan;font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";}The Gay DivorceeSex scenes are, pardon, the pun, hard to write. That’s why we have the Bad Sex Award, to recognise those authors who tried – and failed – to liven up their prose with a bit of flesh on flesh. I must be a glutton for punishment, because much of my writing revolves around sex and sexuality. As a gay writer, I often feel that I’m caught between a rock and hard place (sorry). On the one hand, I don’t want to perpetuate the myth that all gay men ever think about is sex. At the same time, I don’t want to be dishonest and pretend thahave.

If you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. You don't have to spend a fortune enjoy vibrating cock rings. If you're new and looking for something to get you started, try out the BASIC Sex Toys Love Ring for just 1.99..

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And is crotchless underwear actually sexy Unable to make up our

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Over the past few weeks, my blog HQ has been inundated with gorgeous new lingerie lines, and amongst it there's been a huge amount ofcrotchless lingerie. Fromcrotchless tightsandbodystockingstocrotchless knickers, every manner of easy, breezy underwear has been piling up on our desks and demanding attention. But what exactly is it that makes a crotchless thong so enticing?

And is crotchless underwear actually sexy Unable to make up our minds, Hella Rouge and I put a poll on the blog, asking Is Crotchless Underwear a Turn On It seems, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the charms of an open crotch are particularly appealing to men but clearly there's also something sensually appealing for the wearer too.

In need of more opinions,I took to the my blog Forum to ask the burning question:Is Crotchless Underwea.Don Wands beautiful glass toys and we found they were very popular around Valentines Day!With a smooth, solid body, a curvy head, and a delicate design of little love-hearts all over, the Sweetheart is a really lovely gift.A Vibrator thats better than choc!6. Nomi Tangs Better Than Chocolate VibratorThis is so new the testers report still isnt in, but we think this luxury vibrator is seriously sexy, plus it offers?truly?unique sensations.

The Better Than Chocolate Vibrator is a smooth, sensuous toy with a really luscious buzz plus a revolutionary control which works just like an iPod.The One-Touch panel can be used to switch to a different setting, speed up, slow down all with a single touch!The best Rabbit bar none!5. Rabbit Pearl VibratorClassic Rabbit Vibrator got upgraded this year when we started stocking the Rabbit Pearl?Vibrator . This is THE?original sex in the city vibrator from top vibrator designers Vibratex, who manufacture high quality toys using top notch materials and motors.Whilst universally loved, many rabbit vibrators are are cheaply made and naffly packaged, but not this one. With the separate battery pack that gives you perfect control, fully variable speeds, and a sexy, safe elastomer surface, whats not to love?Fun Factory Boss4. The Boss Vibrator.

A little bit of a departure for the Sh! Girlz, who dont tend to carry realistic toys, the Boss was too gorgeous to resist. This Fun Factory vibrator is part of the brilliant Booster range. ?The Boss has a super-smooth, velvety texture, in Fun Factorys trademark high-quality silicone. The cuf you love all-round pleasureRoyal Swan upgrades the classic rabbit vibrator with a gorgeously soft 100% silicone body. Two separate motors mean there's a delciious squirming sensation to stimulate your G-spot, and a powerful head to nuzzle against your clitoris.

Whooper Swan has two motors and a large head which nestles against the sensitive nerve endings around the opening of the vagina while the flexible head moves against your clit.The Silver Swan is slightly different to the other rabbit vibrator shaped Swans. It had a substantially sized head that perfect for anyone who likes to have a deep, full feeling.If you want a more pleasurable Kegel workoutThe Swan Clutch has a single motor in its head and operates with Squeeze-Me&rsquo; technology which means as you work your muscles the toy rewards you with delicious vibrations. As with all Swan&rsquo;s, it is made from luxury silicone, but unlike the other vibes the Clutch can be used as both a sex toy and Kegel balls..

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The thought of how we’d been lately God

Welcome to 2011 and the first sex toy reviews round up of the year - and what a mixed bag it is. Pleasures, pains and trouble finding just the right words to explain the... whatsit.This week's sex toy review round upFirst up this week wascahill87who gave the highly-rated China Brush Delay Solutiona whirl. But maybe it was a little too successful as &quot;40 minutes later, I was exhausted and out of breath and still hadn't climaxed! If I'm honest I was also slightly bored too.&quot; Read the review.New reviewer (with a fantastic username)Jack Dof.

police, telling them a couple in The Grand were indecently exposed in the window?Admit it. Although scary, it is exciting.“Yes, naked. Come on. All that’s out there is the street, and that’s way down below. Nothing opposite, unless you count the buildings half the size of this one. We’re in a five- hundred-room hotel, love. A tall one.”Sod it. This weekend I was supposed to be my real self, find the woman who’d been lost amidst school runs and after-school clubs. And if I dug beneath the guilt I could feel that the thrill of being naughty, a rebel, was still with me. But what about the girls andStop it.I walked to the window, stood behind him and peeked around his arm. He was right. Too far up for anyone to see us, yet still it felt too naughty. It was one thing to fantasise about it, but to actually do it What if someone had binoculars?“I’m telling you,” he said, as though he’d read my mind, “no one will see us. D’you really think anyone would give a toss if they did?

They’d probably see us as two dirty, middle-aged people anyway. If they’re young, that is. Remember how we used to think that about people our age?”I cupped my hands around his biceps and pressed my cheek to his back, his skin warm and soothing. He smelt of his recent shower, all flowery hotel soap and alien-smelling shampoo, and the faint aroma of clinically washed towels, totally absent of the scent of my usual fabric softener. Home was intruding again, so I switched the images off.And yes, I remembered thinking that. Remembered thinking it was gross that older people ‘did it’. Yet here we were, older and still doing it. Funny how your perspective changes.“Hmmm,” I said. “But with age comes a better understanding. Love helps, too. It goes deeper than it did years ago, pardon the pun.”He laughed, a low rumble that reverberated through my cheek and sent ripples of lust to my pussy. I wanted him again, hard and fast, no foreplay or sentimental sweet nothings. Just pure, honest fucking. I stared at the way his ear curved, recalled how the lobe felt in my mouth, sweetly soft and fleshy.

A wave of love consumed me. How was it possible I could care for him more than I did back then? I thought I loved him as much as I could, full to bursting with adoration and respect, yet every day, every month, each new year brought a stronger connection.God, I was so damn lucky.My eyes stung, the emotion getting a better hold on me than I wanted it to. No time for sentimental tears, just time for us. The thought that it would take until tomorrow to fully relax struck me as typical—it would be time to go home and leave this weekend behind. Except this time together would remain in our memories, and we could whisper about it in bed at night when we felt the need to recapture it. I’d have to be content with that because there was no way we could stay here longer. Jacob had work to return to, and the girls had school. His parents were going away on Tuesday, a leisurely cruise in the Mediterranean for a week, and with my parents living in the arse end of nowhere in Scotland, getting them to come down to babysit wasn’t an option.I was a bundle of contradictions, wasn’t I? One minute I’d forgotten our home life, the next I hadn’t. It was the idle times, that was it—moments where I allowed my mind to wander and think things I shouldn’t. Swallowing deeply, I told myself to enjoy what remained of our weekend together—otherwise, I’d regret it later.“Do you think we ought to do some sightseeing or something?”

I asked, wondering, if he’d answer in the affirmative, whether I could muster the energy to get dressed let alone waltz through the nearby park or visit the art museum. We’d promised ourselves an afternoon of appreciating art, gazing at the beauty created by others and discussing how each piece made us feel inside.“We could do,” he said. “After.”“After what?” I smiled, my bunching cheek squashed against his shoulder blade, my breasts heated from his skin. The rest of me felt chilled, as though I needed the whole of him wrapped around me, arms and legs a warm embrace.“After I fuck you against this window.”I gasped, widening my eyes at what he’d said. It seemed he’d returned to his old self more easily than I had. I wanted to answer that he could fuck me against anything he liked, anytime he wanted—he didn’t have to ask. He could just grab me, pin me down and forge into me. I wanted it hard and fast, hot and panting, my body at his mercy. Whatever he wanted to do to me, he could.There it was again, that urge to give up control to him completely. A fuck where I had no say in it. His rules, his pleasure. It flooded my mind like a cloud of dangerous desire.But again I didn’t say anything about handing over control. The words wouldn’t come, stuck in my throat as they were, a big ball of unspoken needs that swelled to be released. Pushing, expanding.“Talk to me,” he said. “Like you used to. Dirty and rough. While there’s no one but me to hear you.”A sudden bout of insecurity gripped me, a closing fist around my heart, creating a flutter of panic and the inability to breathe properly. I’d been so free and easy before we’d had the girls, so ready to try anything, do anything; caught up in the first flush of love. And now“I can’t.” I squeezed my eyes closed and waited for the feeling to pass.“Can’t?”He covered my hands with his, the warmth of his touch giving me a jolt of longing. I imagined those hands roving my skin, seeking out my special places, erogenous zones that he knew by heart. My pulse thrummed, loud in my ears, the throb of my heartbeat an almost violent smack against my ribs. I cracked open my eyes, peeked around him to see his fingertips pressed down on my hand, the ends white where he held me so tightly. Did he hold me like that because he’d anticipated a negative answer? A rush of guilt took over me, heating my cheeks and bringing on the need to cry. I was spoiling this, wasn’t I—by not keeping to my promise to play the game as though we were free spirits who could do anything we wanted?“I feel stupid,” I said quietly, wanting him to take over, to talk to me dirty and remind me how it was done.Because I had forgotten.“Stupid? Why?”?His chest inflated, his back rising beneath my face, and he held his breath.

“Becausebecause I’ve forgotten how to do it. And if I say what I want, it might not come out right and I’ll feel silly.”?He turned, just that movement alone soaking my cunt, and cradled me against him.Hands on my back, he rubbed them up and down, the motion soothing, chasing away the goosebumps, giving me the sense that everything would always be all right when he held me like this. He was magic, my husband, this man who had promised to take care of me until the day he died, ensuring I was never sad, never had reason to cry. I was the kind of woman who floundered without him near, who, when panicked or insecure, only needed him to walk in the room and everything bad would melt away.“You never have to feel silly with me,” he said, the words low and reassuring. “Never. I’ve told you that before. Did you forget that too?”How could I? He’d said it often enough, and I wondered then whether he got tired of his constant encouragement, of always having to work to make me believe him. He was devoted, I knew that. Knew it deep inside me, where I kept the special memories, the nuggets of love he’d shown me, those private moments between us that no one else knew about. Small touches, glances in a crowded room, even in the supermarket, where the gap between us was too wide and I wanted nothing more than to rush to him, to have his arms about me.To have the cushioned feeling of being adored.I embraced him, splaying my palms on his back and resting my cheek on his chest. His heart beat wildly, a manic rhythm that matched mine, as though we both anticipated what was to come. We knew I would give it a try, that I’d utter words I hadn’t spoken in years, in a voice that was husky and all kinds of sexy.We just had to wait for me to fully come back. She was there, simmering below the surface, filling my mind with all manner of filthy things—she just needed that extra push to come out, that was all.“Tell me. Remind me what I used to say,” I whispered. I held my breath, knowing I would blush when he recited words from the past. How had I become soboring? So shy?“Ah, that’s easy. I’ll never forget.” He held me tighter, his warmth oozing into my skin like the heat of bath water. “Some days I sit and remember, think about the old days and wish—”“That I was like that again?”Oh, God. I’ve made him as boring as me, having to turn to daydreams in order to get his jollies. How long has he been thinking of the past?He took a moment before he answered. Weighing up how to phrase it, I’d bet.“Not necessarily that, no. Just wishing that you’d let yourself go every so often. Not be so good all the time.”“Good?” I lifted my head and stared up at him, into dark brown eyes that melted my knees with their long, thick black lashes. “Is that what I am now? Good?”God, I was boring. I’d slipped into that rut people talked about. The one where the wife became staid and unyielding in the bedroom. Where a bed was just for sleeping, maybe a quick fuck once a month. The rut I’d always vowed never to get into. But that rut was deep; it went so far down that I couldn’t see over the damn top when it came to talking dirty. I bristled, knowing exactly what he meant, knowing I ought to keep my mouth shut because I’d let things spill out that weren’t intended for him. No, what I wanted to say was a torrent of sentences berating myself, and I couldn’t do that, not in front of Jacob. He said it hurt him when I put myself down. Like a physical pain deep inside.

If I ranted now, I’d do so knowing I’d upset him.He stroked my face with both hands, staring down at me as though I was the most precious thing to walk the planet, and I felt wretched. For letting him down. Becoming ‘one of those women’. For allowing us to change.“Tell me,” I said, disliking the begging tone that rimmed the words. “Come on. Tell me what I used to say. Help me say it again.”I was desperate now, truly desperate to recapture what we’d once had. The thought of how we’d been lately God, it was shameful. I wanted to say the words so badly, but something blocked their exit. They were all there in my head; delicious, filthy sentences that would make any grandmother’s toes curl; ones I’d read in a book many years ago, yet when I opened my mouth to force them out, they lodged in my throat. Frustration added to desperation m. their partner's pleasure at the same time. It&rsquo;s a bit like trying to rub your head and pat your stomach at once&rdquo;.No harm in practising though &ndash; I&rsquo;m all for multi-tasking&hellip;Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life. The Greatest Guide to Sex explores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment..

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There are purpose built attachments for a shower hose

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If you watched The Only Way Is Essex this week, you would have seen Nanny Pat helping to set up Jessica's new lingerie shop.Straight-talking Nanny Pat can be seen 'sorting out the drawers' before finding some Tracey Cox sex toys included in the delivery.First out was the Tracey Cox Supersex Mini Rabbit Vibrator (14.99) which, in the hands of Nanny Pat, caught everyone's attention.As Jess tells Mark that they'll be stocking sex toys in The W.
There are purpose built attachments for a shower hose, to use as a douche, but I would still advise extreme caution, as when you turn the tap on, it's hard to gauge the pressure and quantity of the water you're filling yourself up with - or that the temperature stays steady and safe - ie. warm, not hot.Personally, I feel that a balanced diet with lots of fibre, together with drinking plenty of water every day, should ensure that nature takes care of things. If everything is working properly and efficiently, then our bodies naturally want to get rid of waste rather than carry it around. However if you are keen on douching, then the simple rubber bulb type of anal douche with a rounded end is probably a safer bet, as you are.

the best start, ?or so he saysIts funny, the name Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium, seems to make us quite the draw with supplier visits. 20th MayWhat a day! ?Weve decided that shoppers are pretty savvy to the old .99/.95 lark and that pricing to nearest pound, rather than penny,?actually?makes it much easier for customers to see prices quickly and clearly. Its a lot of work. I change all the prices on the stock system and?print new barcode labels for entire stock.Leave with square eyes. 23rd MayCome back from lunch to find a 5foot high, slightly phallic and rather pointy package waiting for me.Keiko &amp; Roxy have opened a book on exactly what kind of sex toy it could beRealize it’s obelisks for my kitchen garden. Am awarded prize for the strangest shape package of the day. 25th MayDisaster! Have discovered that tiny bobbles have formed on dildo masters ( the resin designs from which we make our silicone dildo moulds) And, of course its our most popular dildo sizes; the Cupid 3 curved dildo &amp; Wirly Girly 6 slim dildo.

Keiko will wet &amp; dry this afternoon &amp; burnish up next week once the polishing mops compound has arrived.Allow myself a moments worry?about keeping up dildo manufacture but then Keiko, who cuts and preps for strap-on &amp; bondage manufacture?is a true perfectionist and I know she will be able to get our masters back to a smooth as silk shine.*Names have been changed.</p>

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