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Felice Shays provides personals sexual and BDSM education

When did you have the best sex of your life - and when did you have the most sex? Did the two coincide? We're really curious to know!Fill in the survey below, and leave us a comment if yo.

want to find and grow the seeds of your own desires without shame but with intense pleasure. You get to be part of the action too: hands-on instruction and practice with floggers, canes, and other delicious, naughty toys. The perfect class for beginners. Come alone or with a partner.Known for her straight talk infused with humor, Felice Shays provides personal sexual and BDSM education across the US and Canada. A recent transplant fr.

and surprise your lover with a tray of delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries. You’ll find yourself bent over the kitchen table before you know it!? Make it a Valentines Day to remember and start the day with a quickie! It will get your blood pumping and the memory will keep you smiling until later…So, there’s some of our seduction techniques, all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the Toy of the Month is tell us about your best Valentines seduction technique. Just leave your comment on this post, and we’ll choose a winner at 6pm on Saturday 16th February..

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perhaps save up to spend on a luxury sex toy

Write a sex toy review for my blog and you could be in with a chance to win a whopping 100 to spend on whatever you like!Each month we also choose a selection of highly commended reviews and reward them each with a whopping 2,000 my blog Oh! Points to spend as they wish, or perhaps save up to spend on a luxury sex toy.

Review of the MonthOur winning review this month blends humour with insight and expertise from an &quot;experienced, versatile arse player&quot;.We loved the way the reviewer explained the product's unique selling points while outlining how they enhanced his experience - not to be missed.Review the full review by Ffuncub.Runners UpThe runners up this month have something in common: they all warmed our hearts with their testimonials. Congratulations, and enjoy spending your Oh! Points.

1. nem's review of Tracey before exploring the construction of a tease. The group will examine how to properly stage concepts for the intimate setting of the burlesque stage, as well as popular peeling techniques including the stocking tease, bottom peels and the graceful removal of undergarments. Students will also discover helpful tips and tricks when dealing with troublesome closures such as zippers, buttons and bra hooks.Dress in comfortable clothes such a yogaExtase lubes, presented in a deluxe tin the perfect present! Contains:- Extase Plaisir Pour Elle, a minty tingling stimulating gel for thrilling sensations…

- Extase Strawberry Lubricant – ultrasilky smooth lube with a yummy strawberry flavour!- Extase Blackberry Massage Oil – sensuous scented oil for a smooth massage…- Extase Hot Massage Oil – warming strawberry-scented oil to turn up the heat!Check out our other fabulous new goodies on our Sexy Valentines page, and watch this space for the Sh! Girlz Valentines Gift Guide coming soon!

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Everyone wants to keep their sex toys squeaky clean and hygienic

Everyone wants to keep their sex toys squeaky clean and hygienic, and it's really easy with the right technique and cleaning products.Sex toy cleaning and storage can be the crucial factor in your pleasure products lasting a lifetime or just a few minutes, so read on as my blog explains how to look after your prized toy collection.To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.

Click here to see which Flash Version you have.If you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.Product featured: my blog Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner (4.99)How to Clean Sex ToysMake sure your sex toys are cleaned before and after you use them to ensure optimum hygiene. The only thing you need for the cleaning process is hot water, a good quality sex toy cleaner and a clean dry towel or kitchen roll.To clean, give your toys a quick rinse and then spray themwith my blog Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner (4.99). Leave it for 30 seconds or so, and then clean any stubborn areas (such as ridges or nodules) carefully before rinsing all the cleaner off with warm wa.

the weight of glass provides extra stimulation, too.Theyre gorgeous! Lets be honest: its easier to drop cash on a toy thats not just physically stimulating, but?visually?stimulating. Since glass can be manipulated so well, glass toys?come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.?Most glass toys look more like sculptures or art pieces than sex toys. Its as if theyre drawing you in, beckoning you to use them.They can last a lifetime.?Contrary to popular belief, quality glass sex toys are quite strong and durable.?Many high-end glass toys (like those from?Luxotiq) are made of Pyrex, which is a brand name for borosilicate glass.

Youve likely felt this kind of glass before, in the form of bakeware, test tubes, and measuring cups.?Borosilicate is tempered, so it can withstand a physical shock like being dropped without shattering. This type of glass is known for its resistance to breakage.Of course, there are precautions you can take when using a glass toy to ensure that it will last a lifetime. When playing, stick to soft places such as a bed or carpeted surface. Be careful while washing your toy, as glass can get very slippery. Store your glass toy in a padded bag (our locally-made?Appetite bags are perfect!) to guard against bumps inside a drawer.

Make a habit of regularly examining your toy for cracks, chips, and breaks, and never use a cracked or chipped toy.Theyre completely body-safe and very easy to clean.?Besides being pht.o!What: The Sh! Girlz doing what we do best providing a gorgeous space to buy the best sex toys, get knowledgable advice from our lovely team, and enjoy a nice cuppa! Looking forward to seeing lots of our lovely ladiez there come and join the fun! Share|.

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Some people see the work that I do and think it is very extreme.

When we set this photo up, Jen (our photographer) didn't notice at first what the sexy item was. The tube of Stroke 2.

Sing you this energy and once they are putting this energy into you, you just need to know how to release it, how to breathe through it. You need to learn how to squirm around in your body and let it turn into all these beautiful colors and sensations. Some people see the work that I do and think it is very extreme.

They wonder if I am in pain. They wonder how I can be smiling at the same time. I really dont feel it as pain. I feel it as warmth and colors and different sensations.Meanwhile, Youngs art gallery,?Femina Potens, flourished. Her dream of opening a community space for queer artists had become a reality.

For the first five years of her adult career, Young was almost exclusively a bondage, fetish, and BDSM model. She eventually branched out into queer and mainstream work, and in 2005, she founded?Madison Young Productions and began?directing her own films. In her work as a director, she focuses on fostering a comfortable and supportive environment for her performers, opening the lines of communication to create an empowering experience.

As a performer, she immerses herself fully in her scenes, pushing her body to its limits, and breaking down stereotypes as a queer feminist who loves rough sex.Youngs directorial work includes the movies Heartland: A Womans POV, Ciao Bella!: A Womans POV, Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality, Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality, and many more. Her films have been screened at film festivals throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Several have won Feminist Porn Awards and been nominated for AVN Awards. In 2009, she was named Indie Por.

Lean its easy to find your mates!Hen Party Sashes and gartersFancy going a bit more dressing for your night out with the girls? Hen party sashes and garters are pretty in pink, and a cute way to syncronise outfits with your friends Share|.

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I will talk more about this when he gets home

Will be attending as aapparently she is up for the job of deputy managaress, which is worrying me again. I know, i know Im being silly but I just cant help it. I trust Jake 100%, its her I dont trust and a weekend away! Grrrrrrrrrr I will talk more about this when he gets home.

Hontain myself before walking towards the store. I peered inside and none of them could be found. My blood started to boil again….now the paranoia was setting in full throttle.I headed towards Jakes office and knocked on the door nervously. Jake appeared almost immediately and although he looked surprised, he was very happy to see me. He led me inside and I scoured the office for Trixie, but she was nowhere in sight. My shoulders sagged with relief as I felt his arms wrap around me and pull me close. He kissed me and I kissed him back savouring his warm lips against mine. When we finally pulled away I asked nonchalantly, “Where’s Trixie today?” He drew in his eyebrows and laughed. “Why Miss Brennan, I do believe that you really are jealous!” “No I’m not.” I lied and pouted in a childlike .

Ard as I swept my hand over the toy. I smirked and rushed back to bed and examined the toy, and how beautiful it looked.Now as you all know the We Vibe 1 and 2 can be activated by a push button which is great, but the We Vibe 3 has a remote control, which is even better! The one thing I do know about the We Vibe range is that they are ideal for couples because not only does the arm slip nicely inside the woman; there is also room for a mans penis, so you can enjoy intercourse as well as enjoying the We Vibe.Never mind, I don’t have a man and I want a go hehe!

I lay back and spread my legs wide open, inserted one arm inside me and the other rested on my hardened clit. I turned on the vibrator with the remote and started off with a low

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